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Choose how often you require your fresh snack (Don’t worry, when you love the food and want it everyday of the week, you can simply upgrade your subscription)

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Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to step out under the Mumbai sun (or during the dreaded Mumbai Monsoon). We get the meals to you, fresh, healthy, well prepped & on time!

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You decide at what time you get your snack delivered. With your meal waiting at your desk, depending on how hungry you are, you can share it with the annoying coworker peeping into your computer, your boss (who still needs to approve your leave for next week) or have it by yourself

About Snackboxwala

Is a 9-5 ever really a 9-5? Infact, in any industry, you end up staying at work well past the timings on your contract. If you’re a startup you’re pretty much on the clock 24×7, 365. And hey, we know you’re only human, you need a break from work, you need to get a quick bite and you need to be able to cut out from the coworkers that make the office a little less tolerable (you know who we’re talking about!). We, at Snackboxwala, understand all of these perils and strive to give you the perfect escape by delivering healthy, fresh and wholesome food.
Pssst…. If you still need to get out of the office for a “break”, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and we’ll give you excuses that aren’t as injurious to health as “I’m going down to eat sev puri with a side of everything unhygienic”.


Who said healthy eating = excessive spending?
₹300 Introductory Price - including all taxes and delivery charges

Actual Price: ₹325

3 meals


Choose 3 meals in one week On the days selected by you

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₹1350 Introductory Price - including all taxes and delivery charges

Actual Price: ₹1600

21 meals + 2 free meals

Meals For All days

Carry forward 5 meals And 2 free meals for friend

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